More than just an app.

The app for conferences and societies


We created an app that makes your life easier when presenting the most up-to-date information to your delegates.

Our app is available in different formats:

  • Native conference app
  • Within our container app
  • Within our society app
  • Web app (alternatively, or in addition to each of the above formats)

The different app formats are compatible with each other and allow a seamless migration from a container app to a native conference app… and even to a society app.

Real-time programme integration


Using psPlanner and our app will save a great deal of time when keeping the app content up-to-date, because  the app’s scientific programme content is automatically imported and instantly synchronized with psPlanner.

Last minute and onsite psPlanner changes of sessions or presentations are sent to the app automatically, as soon as the app has access to an internet connection.

Automatic import and synchronisation between the psPlanner and the app.

Interactive features: engage your delegates

Our conference app not only lets you conduct live-surveys, but also allows delegates to ask questions, which can be answered directly by the moderators.

The delegate chat has recently been extended with networking features to recommend connections based on specialty or demographic information.

Delegates may also evaluate the congress, sessions and presentations and connect with each other via dedicated networking features. Expensive, time-consuming pen and paper surveys belong to the past.

Integrated Twitter and Facebook functionality

Society app: stay in contact with your members

With the society app you will own a native and branded app under the name of your society, which acts as a portal to your conference apps and other important resources.

The society app is capable to house several conference apps. Moreover, the society app framework allows you to integrate other mobile-friendly apps and websites, such as a link to your membership system, your society websites, your guidelines etc.

The push notification system allows you to send messages to all users of the society app all year round. Ideal to stay in contact with your members and delegates.

Features and functions

Programme schedule
Presents the conference program by day, in list or graphical grid form. Automatically synchronised

Session listings
Dynamic inclusion of session types, topics, etc.

Search the complete app
Search for sessions, presentations, abstracts, general information, exhibitors

Interactive features
Push notifications, messages, chat, Q&A and voting. Easy to reach out and involve your delegates

My congress
The central location to collect the delegate‘s favorites and notes

Happening now
List sessions that are currently taking place, and those starting within the next 15 minutes and set calendar reminders

Dynamic floorplans, linked to sessions rooms, locations and exhibitor booths. And see what happens in which room

Exhibitors and sponsors
List exhibitors and sponsors with a profile, logo, grouped by sponsor level. Add a 2nd or 3rd splash screen for your sponsors, add advertising pages and sponsor banners to selected pages

Integrate external websites
Links to external websites, such as the society homepage, social media pages etc.

Speakers, chairs, delegates
Automatic display of speakers and chairs and show their participations. Delegate lists can be imported

General information pages
Congress information can be saved in general information pages, including rich-text, graphics, links and videos

Abstracts and ePosters
Show full abstracts and posters. By presentation, topic or anything else. Fully searchable… of course

"...Thank you for setting up our abstract platform and the App. Everything worked perfectly and the conference was a total success!..."
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