More than just an app.


Stay in contact with your members with our new society app

With the new society app you will own a native branded app under the name of your society, which acts as a portal to your conference apps and other important resources.

The society app is capable to house several conference apps. Moreover, the society app framework allows you to integrate other mobile-friendly apps and websites, such as a link to your membership system, your society websites, your guidelines etc.

The push notification system allows you to send messages to all users of the society app all year round. Ideal to stay in contact with your members and delegates.

Konferenz App conference app

All information at hand

psMobile is a native conference App with your scientific program. The Graphical representation of presentations, abstracts and the industry exhibition sessions in a timetable or list format guarantees great experience for delegates. It includes a simple to use yet powerful search engine that allows users to easily search the content of the app. Use push notifications to inform your delegates and allow various options for sponsors.

Automatic import and synchronisation between the psPlanner and the app.

Making conferences interactive

Our conference App not only lets you conduct live-surveys, but also allows delegates to ask questions, which can be answered directly by the moderators. The guest can also evaluate the congress, sessions and presentations. Expensive, time-consuming pen and paper surveys belong to the past.
Integrated Twitter and Facebook functionality
conference app Konferenz app mobile
Konferenz App conference app

The tight integration of our solutions makes it possible to include the psPlanner and integrate your favourites into your personal planner. We also include the use of QR Codes to simplify the connection of sessions, presentations and people.

Delegates can export contacts and appointments which can make them independent to the app. We also offer interactive maps containing all session rooms and exhibition booths for easy navigation. Individual exhibitor stands are linked to a detailed exhibitor profile with additional infor- mation to facilitate interaction with attendees.

Konferenz App conference app
The conference data is completely loaded into the app so it can be used without an active internet connection. View, comment and use the app independent of network-coverage as all data is offline available. Contact us for more information on your new app and for more optional features such as in-app chats and certificates of attendance claims.
"...Thank you for setting up our abstract platform and the App. Everything worked perfectly and the conference was a total success!..."
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