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Delegate and sponsor friendly

The psDisc/psBooks software supports the production of a USB-Key or book which features your Abstracts and Posters. The organizing society and the sponsor may provide additional information for inclusion. The software itself uses the layout of the conference and doesn’t require any components or programs to be installed on the computer in order to run. 

Just plug and play. 

The documents are fully searchable and easy to view, scale and print. 

abstract book / abstract buch

Printed abstracts as an ebook

As a further service, documediaS produces an abstract book containing all accepted abstracts of the congress. The abstract book is produced using the highest quality standard (offset printing). You may also make your books available online in an attractive ebook format.

Abstracts on USB

Quick access to important publications and much more: The abstract browsing application features a full text search and an author search index. Abstracts and posters can be listed by session or track/category and in the order of publication. Selected abstracts and posters can be exported and users may add notes to each abstract. These features make the publication package a valuable resource and helps sponsors to spread their message in a useful way.

The content of the psDisc USB stick can include a poster or a full paper together with each abstract, these can be added even after the USB stick has been produced. Sponsors will be happy to share their message on such a useful platform. Delegates will be eager to keep such a content rich and compact device. The best giveaway a delegate can receive.

conference books

We also offer a printed or an electronic abstract book, providing your delegates with all your accepted abstracts and much more. The production of an abstract book includes two proof rounds, high quality printing (or PDF export) and a timely delivery to the congress site.

Distribute your conference on USB

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