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The New Society App.
Stay in contact with your members.

With the new society app you will own a native branded app under the name of your society, which acts as a portal to your conferences apps and other important resources. The society app is capable to house several conference apps of a society. Moreover, the society app framework allows you to integrate other mobile-friendly apps and websites, such as a link to your membership system, your society websites, your guidelines etc.

The all in one solution for your members and delegates

Our user-friendly back office CRM now features a section for the society app. With this framework you may create tiles of different sizes, colors and with different icons or graphics. Each tile can be linked with a variety of targets, such as:

  • Conferences: in the same way as a branded conference app
  • External mobile-friendly websites, such as: Society homepage, Membership website, eLearning websites
  • News center: a conference-independent news center to receive important push notifications and messages all year round
  • Local pages and documents, which can be used to advertise future conferences, Society guidelines, FAQ, etc.
  • Sponsor banners can be added on any section of the society app
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